Leadership Team

Constantin – Director of Engineering


Director of Engineering
PhD. Materials and research and development expert
17 yrs experience

Paul – Director of Electronics


Director of Electronics
Electronics and drone expert
15 yrs experience

Oleg – Director of R&D


Director of R&D
Helicopter, automotive and software expert
20 yrs experience

Jim – CEO


Business and software expert
20 yrs experience


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About Armada Aeronautics

Traffic paralizes cities, wasting 2 weeks a year from an avarage commuter, and waiting 52 billion gallons of gasoline per year, and billions of dollars lost in delivery delays.
As number of cars increases while a size of the road does not, we end up with a problem of trying to put more throughput through a same size pipe.
There is a $500 billion in US and $4 trillion global opportunity to solve the problem of automobile becoming an ineffective transportation

Armada develops a modern solution for the urban and rural transportation fitting the needs of the 21st century city and traffic.
Armada's solution is environment friendly, accesible to most population, can be integrated in today's infrastracture.
This solution became available with the modern software techniques as well as advances in microhardware


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General inquiries: contact at armadaaero.com

We are located in Santa Clara, CA 95051. Please email contact at armadaaero.com to arrange a visit.